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31 March 2020

Coronavirus What You Should Do - Covid-19

Coronavirus What You Should Do

GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE keep yourself and your surroundings clean.The virus doesn’t for long outside the body.Make sure you wipe your item and clean with alcohol -based sinitizers at least 3 times daily.
SANITIZE make sure you use hand sanitizer often if possible ,after every hand wash.
PRACTISE RESPIRATORY HYGIENE ensure proper ventilation.The virus is spread from respiratory droplets and is airborne.A propely ventilated working and livin area will help stop spread.
WASH YOUR HANDS with soup and water as often as possible ,wash hands propely from your elbow it helps to kill the virus.
DON’T PANIC ,not everu cold symptom is case of coronavirus.We’re about entering the rainly season and lot of people will present symptoms of cold i.e fever ,cough ,sneezing ,etc.It doesn’t always mean they have the virus.
DON’T SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION/RUMOURS,don’t create panic by using sosial media to spread flashoods,watch the news,that should be your verifiable source of information.
DON’T ENGAGE IN SELF MEDICATION ,if you feel unwell with symptoms like fever,cough and difficulty with breathing please visit your healthcare provide
ANTIBIOTICS/LOCAL CONCOCTION/FUMIGTION DOESN’T WORK remember the dangerous salt remedy that was prescribed for the preventive/cure of ebola a few years killed several people.The coronavirus is viral’s self limiting,this mean it will wear out after it’s incubation period.Fumigation won’t help as there is no evidence o pests or mosquitoes being able to spread the virus.
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