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03 April 2011

Very Urgent & Confidential !!

Dearest, Thanks for finding time to go through my mail. I am Jacob Brown, from Ghana, currently in Bangkok, Thailand. I am the only surviving son of late Mr. Peter Brown who died last year. Although I am a business novice and still mourn for my late father, I have an inclination and orientation for continued achievements and success. Because I am the only child of my late father, I inherited a very huge amount of money ( I will not disclose the amount to you here and now as a matter of precaution!) which he deposited with a security company in Thailand for safekeeping. I am contacting you because I want you to honestly and sincerely assist me to claim this money from where it was deposited and probably guide me in investing the fund in a worthwhile flourishing business over there. Although I am a novice in business, I have an eye on rigid properties. Your advice on other areas of private sector will be highly appreciated. I believe that you would be of great help in guiding me to a successful business investment in your country.I will appreciate if you will show interest in collaborating with me, as this transaction will benefit both of us on joint venture partnership.Furthermore I am ready to give you a good negotiable percentage cash reward for your assistance. Detailed information on other proceedings will be made available to you upon receiving your reply showing interest in collaborating with me as I look forward to your urgent reply. Sincerely Yours, Jacob Brown

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