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04 July 2009

Endau-Rompin Johor National Park

"When you feel a yearning for space, and the urge overtakes you to toss that deadline, ditch your handphone and take a break, it's time to pack your bags and experience the thrill of nature!"

Endau Rompin, located north of Johor and south of Pahang, is the second National Park proclaimed by the Government of Malaysia. It covers an area of approximately 50,000 hectares of rich flora and fauna, encompassing the watershed of the rivers Endau and Rompin, from which it derived its name.

The park is home to many species of birds, mammals, frogs, insects and many other wild animals, as well as varieties of orchids, herbs, medicinal plants and trees. A scientific expedition undertaken by the Malaysian Nature Society in 1985 uncovered some new and rare plant and animal species. One of the most spectacular discoveries was the fan palm (Livistona endauensis), endemic to the Ulu Endau area.

This centuries-old rainforest is also home to the largest surviving population of Sumatran Rhinos still left in Peninsular Malaysia. Primates, including the leaf monkey, the long-tail macaque and the white-handed gibbon are a common sight. Other wild animals inhabiting the area include tigers, leopards, elephants, and various types of deer and tapirs. There are also numerous rapids and falls awaiting adventure lovers and river trekkers here.



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